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tisdag 8 november 2016

Cassidy & Castor - The Flashback series Part 1

Notis: Eftersom jag vill öva mer på att skriva på Engelska så kommer här första texten i en ny "serie" på sidan av de vanliga följetongberättelserna om Cassidy och Castor. Serien kommer innehålla tillbakablickar om karaktärerna, skrivna på Engelska. Jag försöker skriva så att eventuella Engelskspråkiga läsare ska kunna förstå dessa texter, utan att ha läst den svenska originalserien. Självklart är Flashback-serien bara ett komplement till de huvudsakliga berättelserna om Cassidy & Castor.

Disclaimer: Since I want to practice my English writing, I decided to start this new "Flashback-series" based on my Swedish writings about Cassidy & Castor. The "Cassidy & Castor" series are originally written in Swedish. I won't translate the main tale though. This is only a small writing project in which I wanted to start beside my main writings on this tale. However, I will try to write this English "Cassidy & Castor flashback series" as independent as possible, so the English audience will understand it without reading the main tale. Grammatical mistakes may appear though (since English isn't my first language). Advices are appreciated. The flashback-series will be pretty short in length, at least in the beginning.

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The night sky was dark blue. Cassidy thought blue was the color of anxiety. She felt angry, which made her feel even more sad. Then she thought about the entire journey she had been in for so long. The improvement she had been doing as the Queen of Avoránic. Even though she was thinking quite alot about planet Earth the first year after she arrived.

She was anything but brave when she became the Queen. She thought it was a joke, that day they revealed the result of the election. She was convinced they were trying to make fun of her. But then she realized it was nothing else but the truth. The government told her they've elected her as the queen.
"You can see all the aura's in the world. Nobody can hide from your sight. Of course a person with an ability of interpret the aura of all living creature would be useful. We had that in mind while taking the decision", one of the oracles said.
If she hadn't that gift – the gift of seeing things other people can't – would they still elect her? Probably not.

Castor was hard working, but too shy. His sister was the leader Avoránic needed at that point, and still needed these days. She was the most hard working at the time, but she worked in complete silence. Of course he felt left behind sometimes. That's a quite natural feeling. It's human nature. Cassidy and Castor – the only human beings alive at Avoránic. Sometimes he missed planet Earth. It's like he and his sister has switched places. Castor is the one who misses Earth now; the one who thinks about the silver coloured moon light and the fruits they won't be able to taste again. Cassidy had difficulties accepting her new life earlier, but now she seems have forgotten where she came from.

The Castle was light, perhaps a bit overwhelming. On the other hand everyone felt welcome. Everyone but Nels, Castor's best friend who betrayed them earlier this year. Castor was wondering if his suspicious thoughts about Nels acutally were true. He hoped to be the leader of Avoránic, but failed. He wasn't even meant to be anything else than a staff member of the Castle. Everyone knew he didn't fit the role of a leader. He was too weak. Leaving the Castle for working with the enemies was proof enough.

"The magicians". That's the phrase Cassidy used for her biological family. That's how she refers to them. They were somewhere. On another planet, perhaps they're all still alive. They will never know their twins are.

"You have to flee the country. You have to believe in your own courage. You have to gain knowledge, and you have to work hard", Sarphira said. The mother of the one with the incredible gift of seeing the truth and her brother who was named "beaver" in latin.

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/Oraklet (the oracle)

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