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måndag 23 januari 2017

The mind is set on pause mode

The cabinet is half-open
Perhaps not open to it's half, 
Perhaps just somewhat opened; 
Like a solid part 
of what mostly seems insane 

Opened enough for you to notice 
I'm not here 
Probably I'm in the goblet, 
in which the souls of the dead creatures are 


Created out of weakness 
You'd said 
Not in those words 
But close enough my flaws 

The defect of the soul; 
Like it's sold to this stranger 
The one - that one 
Whom talking 
She's singing - the voice is the hymn 
of an insane 

Fewer flaws 
Wouldn't help me out 

The mind is set on pause mode 
The cabinet is closed 
Very closed; barely unspeakable 
You'll see 
The every secret thing 
The remains 

Wisdom - thoughts worth repeating 
Outstanding knowledge 
What you'd do in a case of this sort 
Unfortunate occurrences 
They'd show their faces 
even to the most fortunate

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Skrivpuff 23/1-17: "Färre"
Eller i min Engelska text "fewer" ;)

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5 kommentarer:

  1. Fint! Jag är ingen expert, men för mig är du mer än kapabel att skriva dikt på engelska.

  2. Fin språkrytm. Den känns väldigt rätt när man läser den .